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Ensure peace of mind with Omachron® Flood Sensor, an all-electronic water detector that provides an output signal until gold contacts are bridged by water. This means you will be alerted the moment water starts flooding your system. With our easy push test button, you can easily check if the fault sensor will provide an alarm indication. The sensor is sealed and protected from water damage, making it an ideal option for both HVAC and fan coil systems with 24VAC operation.

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Flood Sensor

Flood Sensor Features

  • All electronic operation and detection

  • NC (Normally Closed) connection during normal operation for flood and fault detection

  • Simple three wire connection (RH - 24VAC, RC - Common and SIG - Signal)

  • Self-test button

  • Status LED

  • Two mounting holes for attachment


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Technical Data Sheet

Features, specifications & mechanical information

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