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Bathroom Timer Features

  • 24VAC operation for compatibility with HVAC and Fan Coil System

  • Standard "DecoraTM style" faceplate (not included)

  • Three time remaining status LED and one operating / standby LED

  • Single button operation. Each press adds an additional 20 minutes of signal to a maximum of 60 minutes. Holding the button cancels the remaining time
  • Simple three wire connection (RH-24VAC, RC-Common and SIG-Signal)
  • Microprocessor controlled for consistent and reliable operation

Keep your bathroom safe and efficiently managed with Omachron Controls’ bathroom timer. Our microprocessor controlled timer runs on 24VAC and provides a signal while it counts down to zero. Compatible with HVAC and Fan Coil Systems, our bathroom timer is an essential accessory.

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Bathroom Timer


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Technical Data Sheet

Features, specifications & mechanical information

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